Exorcism is probably the most popular remedy people think of when getting possessed by spirits and other evil beings, or so we’ve heard… A 69 year old woman in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang, China, suffered a second degree burns off during an exorcism to rid her of the frog soul, as a story published by The Star.he victim identified as Cai asked help from a guy named Chen, who claimed to be an exorcist, along with his female disciple, Ye. Ye stated she heard noises coming from Cai’s throat each time she talked and told me that she must be owned by the toad soul. Chen and Ye both lit up paper effigies throughout the exorcism. According to them, the heat from the blazing heap would expel the spirit and told Cai to stand close to it.

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Cai suffered burns on her hands, legs, and stomach, due to the incident. However, regardless of injuries she obtained, Ye just gave her a few pills made from incense and told her never to go to the hospital. But, Cai passed out from high fever and had to be hospitalized. She lodged a police record.