What would you do if a child with special needs hurts you physically? A teacher in New Mexico, United States is pressing battery charges against an autistic 8-year-old boy after he hit her, according to reports. In early March, a Rio Rancher special education tutor filed a police report against an 8-year-old pupil who has Autism, after he punched her in the face.

I wasn’t made aware that a police report had been registered against DJ, said Maria McKay, the boy’s mother, through KRQE. Very shocking. Definitely wasn’t ready to get a missed telephone call from juvenile probation made aware that a police report had been made on my 8-year-old autistic kid.

I called him back and assured him that there was a mistake, she added. Based on a police report, DJ struck his special education tutor at Martin Luther King Jr after she took an iPad. McKay says the instructor at Martin Luther King Jr. She said he hit her hard enough to bruise her nose screaming at him before catching an iPad from his palms on March 6. When he is in an environment in which is loud, he starts screaming, and he has hit others in the past. McKay said.

A spokesperson for Rio Rancho public schools said in a statement the school didn’t initiate the authorities report, plus they can’t prevent a team member from personally submitting, one, as that’s their right.


Source: kickerdaily.com