A new girl has finally taken over the spot that formerly belongs to the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie in Brad Pitt’s heart. Brad Pitt could be back in the dating pool over a year after his separation from Angelina Jolie. The Oscar Academy Award-nominated actor has sparked love rumors this week with Neri Oxman, a renowned architect, and professor at the prestigious MIT which Pitt allegedly sought out after seeing a run of 3-D printed furniture bits she designed.

Brad is completely smitten by her, a source told Us Weekly. Their chemistry is off the charts. Us reports that despite reports that the relationship is strictly platonic for today, things are becoming serious between a new couple, at least, serious enough for Pitt, 54, to have made his own secret to her location in Cambridge, Mass.

Brad has been seen going to her apartment building on several occasions late into the night and emerging the next morning once she leaves to instruct, the source said. He is also said that he headed overseas with his alleged fresh squeeze, accompanying her to a conference in South Africa at which she was an acclaimed speaker. Oxman, who had been formerly married to the Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov, allegedly dumped the very rich man she had been dating soon after meeting Pitt.

The 42 years old designer was born in Israel, and now serves as Sony Corporation’s career advancement professor and as an associate professor of media arts and sciences in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.she’s work on display in the Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco, California Museum of Modern Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Art, among others, and has won several award for her work in architecture. Pitt, meanwhile, has kept a low profile, as his shocking separation from Jolie in Sept 2016.

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Source: nydailynews.com