George Lucas Participation with the Star Wars franchise is Something of the past. But at one stage, Lucas had plans to find the ongoing Skywalker saga. Plans which were abandoned when Disney took over. Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, has shown Lucas first Episode 9 ending notion. There is absolutely no chance of the occurring so we would not classify this as a spoiler. But let us just go ahead and issue a spoiler warning to be safe. We’ve got no idea how J.J. Abrams will close get from the existing Star Wars trilogy with Episode 9. Due to Mark Hamill, however, we have a notion of how George Lucas would have handled things.

Discussing with IGN, Hamill revealed that the initial plan was for Luke to train his sister Leia from the ways of the force, then, He’d die: Obviously, we know now that none of this isn’t any longer going to take place. Luke dies at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and while that movie ended with Leia alive, Carrie Fisher died before the movie’s release, making sure that her character will not return in the next movie. George Lucas had been developing ideas for a trilogy right before he offered the Star Wars rights to Disney. Following the purchase, Disney abandoned most of Lucas thoughts.

Lucas confirmed as back in 2015: A Few of Lucas thoughts did make it in the series as we all realize it now. It had been Lucas’s idea to have Luke be in hiding and to get a young Jedi disciple to locate him and return it back to the ongoing story. Luke would train the disciple in the ways of the Force. This notion is kind of the plot of the last Jedi, but Rian Johnson’s strategy ended up being much, much different than what Lucas originally had in mind. I’m delighted with where the Star Wars franchise is currently, but the notion of Luke coaching Leia is pretty appealing. Sadly, even though Disney had stuck with Lucas idea, it could be unworkable now in the aftermath of Carrie Fisher’s death. We’ll have to simply chalk this one up to something which could have been but never was.