TJ Miller is a pretty funny dude who makes a lot of funny jokes, but maybe he took it a little too far when he called 911 and reported a bomb threat. Former Silicon Valley, star T.J. Miller was arrested on Monday night in LaGuardia Airport in NY for allegedly reporting a Bogus bomb threat in March, in accordance with the US Lawyer for the District of Connecticut.

Miller, 36, was charged with intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train travelling to Connecticut. He appeared on Tuesday before U.S. District judge in New Haven and was released on a $100, 000 bond. The accusation has a maximum five year prison term. Based on a news release from the authorities, the actor reportedly named 911 on March 18 at NJ, also reported he was on the Amtrak train, traveling from Washington, D.C., toward NY City’s Penn Station, and a woman passenger has a bomb in her bag.

The bomb squad found no signs of any devices on the train. The officer who spoke to the comic, who kept changing his description of the woman, suspected that Miller was under the influence of alcohol. Miller told the officer. This is the very first time I have ever made a call like this before. I’m worried for everybody on that train. Someone has to check that woman outside. Investigators found the Emoji Movie, star had really been traveling on a different train than the one he reported. Inspectors examined the second train and found no explosive materials. An Amtrak attendant said Miller had been removed from the train in NY because he was intoxicated.

The attendant also advised that Miller had been engaged in hostile exchanges with a female who had been sitting at another row from him at the First Class car, according to a media release. The complaint alleges that Miller, motivated by a grudge against the woman, called 911 to relay bogus details about the bomb on the train. This matter has been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, Connecticut State Police, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department, Amtrak Police Department, and Westport Police Department. Miller’s reps couldn’t be reached for comment. Miller made headlines last year after allegations resurfaced about him sexually assaulting a female when he was in school. He firmly denied the accusation.