Medical professionals are supposed to help you recover from you illnesses and medical problems by helping in your treatment and giving you the right medicine. But a female in Russia died in a medical procedure that went wrong when she was placed on a formalin drip, basically becoming embalmed alive.

Ekaterina Fedyaeva, a 27 year old from Russia, had an unidentified routine operation and was to be placed on a saline drip, The Sun reports. But she was hooked up to formalin, a solution utilised in embalming. Her mother Galina Baryshnikova recognized said her daughter suffered convulsions and was in great pain before she entered a coma and later died.

When the mother hunted down physicians for help, she found them talking quietly on how to inform us the family about the horrible mistake that had been made. She learned her daughter had been placed on artificial lung ventilator after important organs had shut down. From the hospital, Fedyaeva was taken to a another regional hospital in which medics tried to rescue her.

A physician in the hospital informed Baryshnikova the formalin was within her body. Fedyaeva was then flown to Moscow for further medical care. There, she recovered for a short moment of consciousness, but ultimately suffered from several organ failures before passing away. Her remains were interred on April 7. The case is currently under criminal investigation.