An outraged wife in China dragged her husband’s butt naked mistress through the streets of Yibin in Sichuan, China to shame her after catching her in bed with her husband.

Taking revenge to an extreme form, this wife wanted to break her younger love rival’s spirit by parading her and exposing her as an adulterer in public.

With only a bra and a handbag to cover herself, the mistress could not do anything as the furious wife holds her by the hair and her friends also accompany them to ensure that the mistress could not escape.

Onlookers could only gawk at the incident because public shaming is normal in China when you are a caught adulterer, especially for women.

The wife became suspicious of her husband’s activities after noticing a pattern of him disappearing once every week for hours.

Meanwhile the uploader of the video shared that people in China do not feel sympathy for a woman caught in bed with another woman’s husband.

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