The answer to the question of marriage is “not now,” as beauty queen-actress Megan Young has stated that she and longtime boyfriend of seven years, actor-model Mikael Daez, are not yet planning to get married anytime soon.


Asked by the media if they have been experiencing some difficulties in their relationship, Young replies that the opposite has been happening. Further asked if those opportunities can eventually lead to marriage, Young answers the press, “There are other ways to level up our relationship [besides marriage], and it’s already happening.


“…We’re getting more involved with our family, as of now… So, we’re leveling up because hindi lang kami pa-date-date para makalabas. (We don’t just go out on dates to get out of the house or out of work.)”

Despite her peers around her already getting hitched, she says that she feels no pressure and would rather take things slow—just like how it is right now.