Actor and model, Carlos Agassi answers the allegations about the viral post which features different women being his next victim.

As he captioned, “Thanks for this weird feeling of embarrassment and happiness. Embarrassed cuz the people I care about are affected and happy cuz I truly now know the people who actually truly care about me 💗 funny thing half of the pics are Masahista and actors sa set namin 🙈not even the person I’m seeing or meeting 🙂 then the rest of the conversation screenshot pics we set up cuz she txted I’m single I can’t add u and I replied ok take out some friends then she said let’s meet at this time then kept changing the time and I was already waiting 🙂 wow, lesson learned , be really careful cuz some people won’t think twice to hurt your feelings or ruin your reputation just to be famous or make themselves look like a babe, I actually told myself cguro pag di hot chick mabait, yun pala yung hot chick mas mabait, and won’t post pics or even take screen shots;) so I guess don’t lower your standards and stick to your type ☺️ maganda, mabait and maalaga 💋 I really wanna post some vids of me making fun of my stupid situation but naisip ko baka masaktan yung mga tao na mahal ko so il just post this 🙂 if you are a single man pls learn from my mistake 🙂 if asking a single girls cell number or asking her out on a date is wrong. I should just probably wait for the right one 🙏🏻all in God’s time 

P.s I think a group of people who hate me ganged up and collected a lot of material and put much effort to try and hurt me or even more destroy me, I am not sure and nor will I waste time thinking who you are instead I will add you to my nightly prayers that you be touched by the lord, dude or dudes pls love your life , not thru me nor hate me cuz I’m living and enjoying mine. Spread the good vibes and seriously I don’t mind people talking shit about me cuz I know myself but when people I care about get affected I get more affected 🙁 I pray for the strength and guidance to do what is right and to become a Better version of myself ❤️ I appreciate all your positive comments and again thank you all, sorry ulit sa mga nasaktan , Di ko po naisip na may mga gagawa ng ganito as akin at Mali makipag usap sa single na babae.”

He denies these allegations saying the women featured in those photos were massagers only and not the women he is meeting on dates and such.



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