The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino had some reflections to spill on social media, where she told her followers how difficult the past year had been for her.


Recently this week, she posted a photo of a quote on a pink background. The quote reads, “Remember how you wished for the things you have now?”

Aquino tells her followers that, after reading the quote, it reminded her of the things she’s gone through; being in the business for a whopping 2 decades.

“I saw this quote & it truly struck my heart,” she writes.

On the same day, she also had a contract signing for an endorsement. During the event, she tells reporters that she’s grateful for all that she’s achieved thus far.

“Parang nahihiya na akong humingi ng anything. (I’m too ashamed to ask for anything more.),” the celebrity says.

“I guess, from April of 2016 all the way to when Crazy Rich Asians was shot… Parang that was a process of 14 months na talagang tinray ako ni God, tinest yung faith ko. (It was a process that tested my faith.) It was after that that things started falling into place.”