In the past few years, a noticeable trend in advertising has sprung up, making good use of the wide reach of social media platforms and the culture surrounding the youth who are immersed in today’s social media.

Jollibee has been one prime example of this, releasing clips in the past few months about true stories that have touched thousands of Filipinos’ hearts. This year, the viral videos are back, but this time, it touched more on the nuances of and the quest for romantic love.

Three videos were uploaded by Jollibee on their Facebook page, each having their respective titles—“Signs”, “Status”, and “Homecoming”. The first two feature new stories about young love, while the last video, “Homecoming”, is a continuation of a video released last year entitled “Crush.”

Netizens were excited upon the release of the video, and praised the local fast food chain for its creative and touching ad campaigns. Needless to say, their commercials are a huge success and have kickstarted a new chapter in Filipino advertising.