Yesterday, January 31st, Filipinos were blessed with the appearance of the super blue blood moon in the clear night sky. It appeared at around 9 to 10 PM.

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NASA says that this super moon was the third to appear in a series of super moon sightings. This is also the second full moon for the month of January, which is what people call a “blue moon.”

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What makes the sight more fascinating was the appearance of the blood moon, where the moon turns into a shade of red as the Earth casts its shadow on it.

Yesterday, viewers were also able to experience a total lunar eclipse.

Many netizens, including celebrities, did not hesitate to post their own pictures with the rare moon sighting. Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos’ family set up a cozy campfire in their yard as they watched the moon up in the night sky.

Richard Gutierrez, known for starring in the TV series La Luna Sangre, posted a high quality photo of the super blue blood moon.

Michael V., the jokester he is, made fun of his badly taken photo of the moon, saying that it was actually a slice of pepperoni edited in instead.