A netizen commented on Bela Padilla’s recent Instagram post featuring herself and fellow actor Daniel Padilla, saying that the two aren’t related.

The actress later on clarified that they really were cousins—second cousins, in fact. Both of the actors’ grandmothers are sisters.

The photo that Padilla posted on her Instagram account was uploaded with the caption, “ASAPEneROAR with el couzzo. (the cousin)”

Padilla also gave some friendly advice to the netizen, saying that they should verify that the information they are about to post is actually correct.

“Next time po, alamin po natin bago magsalita, baka next time seryosong baga na yung masabing mali tapos makasakit.” (Next time, please try to know if what you’re posting is correct, since you might accidentally hurt someone else the next time you post.)


Followers of Padilla who came to the rescue were also given a reminder by the actress herself, saying that they shouldn’t come for the person since they might just be making an honest mistake.

“Ok! Tama na po, Di kelanagan [sic] mangbash at manglait baka Di niya po talaga alam!” (It’s alright. You don’t need to condemn the person. Maybe they just really didn’t know.)

From: https://www.pep.ph/news/69388/bela-padilla-calls-out-netizen-who-questioned-her-blood-relationship-to-daniel-padilla?ref=home_feed_2