In a Youtube video uploaded by the husband of Viva Agency and Kapamilya artist, Anne Curtis, Erwan Heussaff posts how he pranks his wife.

As he said in the uploaded video, he wanted to teach his wife a lesson about him and handling spicy food. He also asked his wife why she loves noodles and handles spice very well and Anne said because she kiddingly says she’s Korean.

It was seen in the video, how Erwan put 1 and a half pack of Double spicy Samyang Korean Noodles making it as said in the title, “4x Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge ft. Anne Curtis Smith”.

The whole video showed how Anne was trying to survive from the spiciness of the noodles she was eating while having toasted bread with it. Later, Erwan confesses he put more than one pack of spicy sauce on Anne’s bowl of noodles.

It could be remembered how the “Spicy Noodles Challenge” craze started in Youtube and is still being used as content by different Youtubers from the whole world.

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