On Instagram, actor Jake Cuenca fired back at one netizen who didn’t quite like his acting skills.



The netizen claims that his acting wasn’t natural. Said netizen refers to an episode of teleserye Ikaw Lang Iibigin, which also stars Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. His character, Carlos, has kidnapped Sylvia/Clara, played by Isay Alvarez.

The netizen, who goes by the username @iamrealcda said, “Stress and agitated lagi si jake everytime na uma acting sya. Parang laging hindi mapakali. Hindi natural ang acting.” (Everytime Jake’s on screen, he’s always stressed and agitated. It’s as if he can’t stay still. His acting isn’t natural.)

To that, Cuenca responded, “well if you’ve kidnapped someone the police are on your ass and you have a gun pointed at you you’d be stressed and agitated as well. If you can be chill after all that di ikaw na!” (If you can be chill after all that, then you must be better than me.)

From: https://www.pep.ph/guide/tv/27403/jake-cuenca-criticized-for-agitated-acting-heres-his-response?ref=home_feed_1