In an Instagram post by celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Hayden Kho, features him teaching his daughter and internet sensation, Scarlet Snow Belo about biology.

Wherein he says, “Touch daddy’s muscles, is it soft or hard?”

(💭I think my soft tummy is better because it makes me more huggable).

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Scarlet then replies how her tummy is not like his dad’s, soft. She also said how his Kuya Quark Henares’ stomach which is also hard.

Netizens then expressed how Scarlet is just like taking up med school with the lessons that his dad is teaching her. Such as those of the comments of Instagram user, @nicolletesablaon, “@marydexiefebs, ba[t]chmates natin sa med school.” Another comment is that of @fannece, “Siguro at 5 years old mag-eentrance exam na si [S]carlet [S]now sa med school” However, others also criticized Kho and his intentions about teaching his child and its appropriateness for children.

However, Kho replied, “I don’t think introducing new concepts like this to a toddler will harm the child. The idea is for her to LOVE learning as if it’s just playing, so there’s no pressure on her to “perform”. We want her to develop curiosity in life. We never underestimate the mind of a child like underestimate the capabilities of other human beings.”

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