No gym? No problem! In a Facebook post uploaded by Princess Dianne Ferrer last January 20, 2018, she takes a video of a kid using their foldable bed as an improvise for a bench for sit-ups. The post was captioned with, “No budget ba pang gym? O kaya’y tinatamad lumabas ng bahay para mag gym? Why don’t you try this? Pang pa abs daw po 😂😂 sumakit nga daw po tiyan niya e 😂😂. Folding Bed lang mag kaka abs ka na😋😂 Hahahaha . Itry mo na walang mawawala 👍#Foldingbedexercise” (No budget for the gym? Or just lazy to go out of the house to go to the gym? Why not try this? To strengthen the abs. The foldable bed actually made his tummy sore. By using the Folding bed, you’ll attain abs!).

The post also showed the results of the foldable bed and it worked!

The post gained 30,221 shares, 11,000 reactions, and 13,000 comments as of now!

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