President Rodrigo Duterte’s granddaughter Isabelle had the time of her life last January 19th, as she celebrated her 18th birthday at The Peninsula Manila.

Social media went aflame as pictures of her pre-debut shoot were released. Like many other pre-debut photoshoots, the debutante wore extravagant gowns. What set hers apart was the setting—she had the pre-debut shoot in Malacañang Palace.

A previous report also told of her numerous and glamorous outfits on her special day, with a blue ombré gown by Michael Cinco taking media by storm. It has also recently been noted that her events stylist was none other than Robb Blancaflor.

A few days after the party had finished, news of her luxurious party giveaways were reported. All guests were given handcrafted scents and bottles of Prosecco. During her debut, the best dressed pair were given items from high fashion brand Hermes.