Personalities Kris Aquino and James Deakin were caught in the middle of a scuffle after the latter was involved in a controversial collaboration with Bongbong Marcos.

Over the weekend, Deakin posted a picture of him and Aquino in an interview. He had posted his apologies for working with the controversial solon. Aquino, however, was not too pleased with her being used as a “shield.”

On her blog, she posts, “Now I understand the need to “explain” yourself but really? You’ll use 5’3 me as a “shield”?  

“I am a celebrity with a political last name- but up until today I haven’t entered the political arena.”

Their feud didn’t last long, as Deakin had immediately given Aquino his apologies through text. Aquino has accepted his apology regarding the issue that they faced, posting their conversation on her Instagram account.

“I sincerely appreciate the humble gesture to reach out, apologize, and clear the air quickly.”