A post is going viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. It is because a Filipino-American woman posted on Facebook insulting call center agents from the Philippines.

The Facebook page named ‘Buhay Call Center Agent’ shared the post from a Filipina-American woman named Jhenny Gacasa criticizing call center agents from the Philippines.

She posted:

“Bring call center back to America!!!! Employ 100% Fluent speakers. I can tell by the accent that they are from out of states and some are from the Philippines, its so frustrating because they CAN speak ENGLISH but DOESN’T seem to understand the problem or the issue. It is ABUSED OF MY TIME to be on the phone for freaking 1 hr and it suck!! MAKA ENGLISH LANG..TANGA NAMAN, KAASAR! #Tmobile #AT&T”

Anong masasabi niyo dito mga Kapwa Bayaning Puyat?Me? 🤣🤣🤣Nakatungtong lang ng Tate eh na-abuse na daw natin oras niya. And, no, I will not be hiding her name.- Admin Rice

Posted by Buhay Call Center Agent on Thursday, January 18, 2018


Here are the reactions from netizens:

“Pokpok lang yan na nka pag asawa ng kano”

“Eto yong tipong, she is more american than the americans. Tanginamo.”

“She wants national attention and she got it the wrong way. She forgot…Respect & be respected…Ridicule one but be ridiculed by many!”

“Yong IBANG Walang papel, “ISTAMBAY” magdamit ang ikse kits NA Yong Kalangitan. “TSUMATSAMBA” Baka may maligaw NA Kano or Mexican, etc. “”

“But you can’t blame. They have to live. Otherwise sa Street sila.”

“Maybe the call agent CANNOT UNDERSTAND HER PRONOUNCATION.bec she is tryin to pretend a purely american woman.we all know that we FILIPINOS WE CAN DISTINGUISHED WHO WE ARE EVEN IN A CALL COS OF THE WAY WE PRONOUNCE MAYBE SHE IS PRETENDING THAT SHE IS AN AMERICAN..IN THAT CASE THE AGENT COULDNT UNDERSTAND HER that is why they take a long time conversation..hahahaha”

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