One Saudi Arabian soccer player has gotten himself into a lot of trouble after dabbing, during a recent tournament match. The still unnamed player, who belongs to the Al Nojoom club, was offered a high-five by one of his teammates, but he responded with a dab instead. This was caught on camera, and you could even hear from the broadcasters how much trouble the player got himself into because they broadcasters were saying “No, no, no.”

The famous dance move started in the souther hip-hop scene in the United States and quickly worked its way into mainstream popular culture. A lot of famous figures have been known to dab including former State Secretary and Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Even other famous soccer figures such as Manchester United’s star midfielder, Paul Pogba, known for his famous dabbing goal celebrations.

However, Saudi Arabia does not share the same enthusiasm for the famous dance move. In fact, the dab is actually considered taboo in the country. The Saudi Arabian National Committee for Combating Drugs believes that it has links to drug culture, and called it a “harmful influence on youth.” The committe’s president even warned celebrities saying, “those who promote it in public events or on social media will face consequences.” In Saudi, the dab is believed to suggest sniffing drugs.

Last year, famous Arabian actor and singer, Abdallah Al Shahani, was arrested after a video of him dabbing in a concert went viral on social media.

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