There is a commercial going viral on social media that is being hailed by a lot of netizens as the best commercial they have seen in years.

This commercial from Vicks Vapor Rub is based on a touching true story of a worthless man who was feared by everyone around him as a bully and hustler but found meaning and purpose through an abandoned child he discovered.

So far, the video has amassed over 138,000 reactions, more than 3,000 shares, and hundreds of comments from netizens who became emotional after watching the commercial.

Watch the super touching video:

Vicks – Learning to Love #TouchOfCare

When you care for someone and are cared for in return, it can change who you are, and how you live your life. We believe this #TouchOfCare is something everyone deserves.

Posted by Vicks Philippines on Saturday, January 20, 2018


The commercial was based on the true story of Hernando who legally adopted baby Rhyz 8 years ago, they are now living as father and son and Rhyz is now grown up. It ends with the tagline, “Everybody deserves a touch of care.”


Here are the comments from netizens:

“pinakamagandang commercial na napanuod ko sa lahat, iyak ako grabeeeeeeehhh”

“Naisahan mo ako dun, Vicks, ah. T_T  Sino yung artista? Mahusay ka, Sir.”

“Vicks.. Dati nilalagay kita sa mata ko para tumulo luha ko… Eto literal na pinatulo mo luha ko 😭😭😭 pinaiyak ako ni Vicks bhe”

“Hats off to team Vicks! If this doesn’t touch the heart – what will?”

“Vicks Phils., ang galing niyo… Bukod sa mabisa ang inyong produkto..prang nilagyan niyo pa ata ang mata ko 😢
Great Commercial :)”

“Brilliant message by team Vicks and team Publicis. Just hope this moves more people to adopt children. There are so many angels in this world who deserve love, affection and home.”


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