Internet icon Maria Ozawa feels dismayed after finding out that she received an unwanted text from none other than her Uber driver.

A person under the name of “Ben” had texted her, saying that he got her number from an Uber driver. Later on, Ozawa finds out that “Ben” had been her driver all along.

“Sorry. I just want to know your name. And things you like. Hope you won’t get mad,” the text goes.

Ozawa later on says that, although she has a deep appreciation of the country, she can’t help but feel let down by some of our countrymen.

“I LOVE the Philippines but Why can’t I trust this country AT ALL!? Why are the people SO UNPROFESSIONAL!? It happened to me in Grab too. This country is seriously lacking with professionalism [sic].”

So the Uber Uber Philippines staff called me and said they will track down who was the driver who gave away my number…

Posted by Maria Ozawa on Thursday, January 18, 2018

She claims that Uber has contacted her to take down the post, although she seems defiant to their request, as a post addressing the matter is still up on Facebook.