For the 4th straight year, Filipinos yet again are the reigning champions of the popular adult website It seems like nothing can stop Pinoys from watching their business. This is even after popular telecommunication providers like PLDT blocked Pornhub on their networks.

Data from Pornhub shows that Pinoys spent an average of 13 mins and 28 seconds per session, a full 2 minutes and 26 seconds ahead of second place South Africa whose users average 11 minutes and 2 seconds. According to Pornhub, the popular searches of Pinoys include “hentai”, “Pinays” and “Pinoys”, “step sister”, and fellow Asians like “Japanese”.

According to the site administrators, the global average session is at around 9 minutes and 28 seconds. Pinoys are spending 4 minutes more than the average Pornhub user.

Right now, it is still up for debate whether Pinoys stay long on the site because of stamina, choosiness, or slow internet, or a combination of the three.


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