Wildflower lead actress Maja Salvador reveals some details about her love life during her concert press conference.

She discloses that she is currently seeing someone who is not part of the industry, saying that it’s refreshing to date someone non-showbiz. Not only that, she has also been friends with him for more than a decade.

“Ang maganda do’n kasi is nakakausap mo or kung ano ‘yung nangyayari sa mundo niya, anong nangyayari sa mundo ko… iyon, ‘yung maraming napag-uusapan at fifteen years na magkaibigan, kabisado ang isa’t isa.” (A good thing is that you get to talk about what he’s been up to with work, and I get to share what’s been going on set. I like that we get to talk about lots of things, especially since we’ve known each other for fifteen years.)

Since they have been friends for a decade and a half, she says that the foundation that their relationship was built on is quite different, in a good way.

“Barkada ko na dati pa so okay kasi iba ‘yung foundation, ‘yung friendship, buong-buo.” (He’s been friends with me since way back when, so it’s okay since the foundation is different; our friendship’s very solid.)

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