Theatre actress Kristine “Teetin” Villanueva posted an ominous photo on Instagram that says “Time discovers truth.”

User @goldafishyyy commented on her post, saying, “I have a hunch since before the New Year started.

“I hope you two get back together, but if separate is for the best then I hope you live happy ever after, even if it means the kind of happiness that does not consist of each other anymore.

Pero sana hindiiii (But, I hope not) because I rooooot for you. You are an amazing woman!

Villanueva replied, “He can’t be trusted.

So.. NO, there’s no way we’re getting back together. Thanks for the message!”

Netizens who also saw the post were trying to piece together as to who Santos was rumored to have had an affair with, although Villanueva merely dropped hints as to who the person in question was.

Santos and Villanueva were reported to have been dating for 4 years.

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