A woman in India has invented an underwear that is being called “Rape-Proof”. Seenu Kumari, from Uttar Pradesh, India, a place where rapes occur more frequently than other places, says that her invention is an underwear that is both knife-proof, bullet-proof, comes with an emergency GPS call button, a combination lock, and even a camera!

Kumari invented this because of all the rapes that have been happening more frequently, not only in India, but around the world. She hopes that her invention will help a lot of women who are fearful of being raped and attacked by perverted men. Kumari explains that the underwear has a GPS technology that will alert the user’s family members and the police if attack happens. The video camera will also record and store the identity of the suspect trying to rape the user of the underwear.

Though it might be a little uncomfortable compared to regular underwear, Kumari says women only need to wear this when they are travelling alone or are passing through dangerous places.

A prototype has already been sent to India’s National Innovation Foundation for patent approval.

Kumari hopes that women will see this as something that could be useful and helpful, while the our society’s males continue to display sexual depravity. But aside from inventions like these, stricter laws, graver punishments, and proper education should be significantly improved to create a paradigm shift away from mindsets that foster rape not only of females, but all individuals.

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From: https://www.indiatimes.com/culture/up-girl-develops-rape-proof-underwear-with-a-lock-gps-camera-because-men-won-t-stop-raping-337378.html