A former Maryland school aide and track coach plead guilty after he was arrested for raping, and making child pornography of his students.

According to reports, Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30 years-old, from Waldorf, USA, signed the plea agreement of 206-count indictment of cases involving sexual abuse of minors, child pornography, and attempted transmission of HIV.

The suspect identified 42 victims, all minors, ranging from ages 11 to 17.

Bell was arrested last June for raping 7 teenage boys, most of them in high school or in an equivalent age.

He was removed from teaching, after being the sports coach  of Benjamin Stoddert Middle School and La Plata High School when the investigation began back in 2016.

In spite of being accused of raping his students without wearing any protection, the state attorney’s office does not know if Bell was able to transmit HIV to any of his victims.

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