President Rodrigo Duterte is adored not only by the older generation, there is also a significant population of young people who admire our simple but tough-spoken President. Though a lot of young people critcize Duterte for his policies, others appreciate what he has done for the country.

A few months ago, President Duterte was asked to speak in the debut of Ysabel Ortega, the daughter of former Senator Lito Lapid, and his message to the debutante turned out to be very applicable for a lot of young people nowadays. His message is a nugget of wisdom that a lot of teenagers and young adults need to hear. He advised the young woman, not to focus on love, but focus on other more important things!

President Duterte said, “There’s always time in this world. Time to be happy. Time to be sad. Time for victory. Time for defeat. Sa buhay mo, take it from me, do not be in a hurry to get emotionally involved. Hayaan mo muna silang to adore you –a lot of guys will. But do not fall into the trap.”

The President ended his little speech with the following:
“Nakakasira talaga ng buhay iyan pa-in love, in love na iyan. …Make yourself an exception.”
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