Model Sasha Tajaran finally spoke regarding the issue that Matteo Guidicelli cheated on Sarah Geronimo with her. Tajaran is a Cebu-based model who has done some acting and modeling work and has ventured into beauty pageants as well. She co-starred in the movie ‘Across The Crescent Moon’ where she allegedly met Matteo. There is no doubt that she is a pretty woman, but are the allegations true that she and Matteo were seen on a date in Cebu?

Rumors spread on social media, a few days ago, that she and Matteo were seen in public together out on a date by some people. This prompted some of Sarah’s fans to send messages to Sasha Tajaran’s social media accounts asking if it was true, and whether she knew that Matteo is in a relationship with Sarah Geronimo.

Tajaran finally addressed the rumors and replied to a Sarah G. fan who sent a private message to her. She said , “I saw him in craftcafebar in Cebu nung dec.24 . We didn’t even talk . I was partying with my co models . I just said hi to him from a far but he didn’t even recognize me coz he was drunk already . And I know better to date a guy  who has a gf . I barely get out the house . So who ever made that issue .God will deal with them.”

Later on, she also posted on her Instagram account, clearing her name, saying, “I know @mateoguidicelli kasi kasama ako sa movie na across the crescent moon . And mat was the lead actor . I know may gf sya and he loves Sarah .so please wag niyo ko damay sa mga walang kwentang issue . Di ka kami nag date ni mat.di ko din nilandi si mat . At may boyfriend po ako para sa kaalam niyo .”

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