35-year-old actress Meryll Soriano opens up about her drug addiction in the past, saying that it was partly because of her young start in showbiz.

“I think, nasa dugo ko talaga ang pagiging rebelde lang. I think, matigas talaga ang ulo ko. (I think it’s in my blood to be a rebel. I think that I got my stubbornness from my family.),” says the actress. “Nagrebelde rin ako kasi, I think, I struggled with show business, kasi I really wanted to go to school. (I became a rebel because I struggled with showbiz, since I wanted to go to school [at that time].)

As an act of rebellion, she admits to using illegal substances, or drugs. She developed an addiction, although later on has recovered from it. When she admitted to it on the ABS-CBN morning show Magandang Buhay, she stressed that she’s been “clean” for a decade.

Soriano advises people who are going through the same thing to talk about their situation with their families, so that they may be able to get the help that they need.

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