Recently, we noticed that there have been a lot of videos exposing perverts on the road, inside public utility vehicles, trains, crowded malls, etc. We want to encourage people to take videos of these kinds of incidents and send it to us. We want to expose these sexual predators and subject them to shame so that they would not feel empowered to do these horrifying things anymore.

One such incident happened inside our public train system. A video went viral on social media exposing a man, being a sexual predator, and doing something perverted to an innocent young woman inside the LRT line 2. 

The video starts with your typical LRT scene, as LRT line 2 is not as crowded as line 1, there is a lot of space between passengers. But then we notice a man who starts inching his way closer to a young woman in front of him. Slowly the man moves until he sticks his crotch to the woman’s behind. With his crotch area sticking to the woman’s behind, the man stops moving and stays there.

Thankfully, a netizen saw this man’s perversion and took a video of the incident. The video ends without resolution, and we do not see whether the man was confronted by the woman or the video taker. All we can do is share this video to make sure that the young woman receives her justice.

Watch the video:


Here are some reaction from netizens:

“Pakyuu Manyak! Sarap Bugbugin!!!”

“natakot siguro si ate, kasi hindi umimik haayy kwawa nman…”

“kong aku yan, eh sinontuk ku naaaa. bat nagvideo pa yan dapat sineta na nya”

“gago toh! uubusin ko kaya sa reunion nyoh!!!”

Hokage lv99″ 

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