A 10 year-old girl’s honesty and goodness was proven after she returned P10,000 in cash she found on the floor inside a red envelope in a supermarket.

The young girl, Ara Almar, was shopping with her parents inside Puregold Supermarket in Sta. Mesa, Manila when she happened upon the dropped envelope containing the money.

When Ara saw the envelope, she told her parents, who told her that she should give the money she found to the customer service of the supermarket. When they gave the envelope to the customer service, they staff were surprised because the enveloped contained P10,000!

Later on, it was discovered that Lola Carmelita Zafra was the person who dropped the envelope containing the cash while shopping in the supermarket. The elderly woman was scared she already lost the money she was setting aside to pay her Amilyar (Realty Tax).

Thankfully, Ara and her parents were honest people who did the right thing. Because of what she did, Lola Carmelita gave P500 as a gift to the young Ara. Let this be a lesson to everyone that honesty is, indeed, the best policy.


Watch the video:

Bata, isinauli ang napulot na P10,000

Bata, isinauli ang napulot na P10,000(c) Abs-cbn

Posted by Leading Trends on Thursday, January 11, 2018


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