“What makes you think your words will affect me and put me down?” says actress Nadine Lustre to a basher on Instagram.

Lustre and a basher with the username @marshmillow00 have had a fiery exchange on Instagram after the latter accused the actress of being a “nega and patola kween.”

As a reply to one of Lustre’s comments to the basher, the user says, “@nadine sayo ba may nagbago? Nega at patola kween ka pa rin.” (Did anything change about you, Nadine? You’re still the negative person you are.)

It is noted that the actress said to the user, “@marshmillow00 2018 na, wala na bang bago?” (It’s 2018. Haven’t you changed?)

On a separate note, she tells her followers to “not be a troll”, saying that “their words don’t affect” her.

“If you’re angry, get active, release it… Don’t make yourself feel better by insulting or bringing other people down, work on yourself instead.”
Further on, the actress says, “Don’t be a troll. Live life to the fullest. Stay happy.”

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From: http://www.pep.ph/news/69223/nadine-lustre-lashes-back-at-basher-who-called-her-nega-at-patola-kween?ref=home_feed_3