A video is going viral on social media showing a perverted man squeezing the breasts of a lady beside him.

According to the poster, this happened in Bacolod City. In the said video, a man wearing shades is seen sitting inside a crowded jeepney with a young woman seated beside him. At first it starts of like there is nothing happening, but a few seconds into the video at about 32 seconds, the man suddenly grabs the breast of the young woman beside him.

But the young woman doesn’t react, either she does not notice or is too afraid to do anything. You might think that the pervert should already be satisfied with it but he goes in again for the second time at around 1:52 seconds. This time he’s much bolder and holds on for too long. The woman notices, changes her position, but does not confront him.

The video ends before the matter is resolved. It is unsure whether the video taker or the young woman confronted the pervert.

Watch the video:


Here are the reactions from netizens:

Kill this man”

“Walang pinagkaiba sa rapist itong gagong to”

“Sobrang hayop! Sarap bugbugin”

Manyak talaga ang bisaya ee..” 

 “Natakot si ate, dapat sinapal niya yang manyak na yan para nadala…”

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