Kids these days no longer see as much sunlight as kids from before the 2000s. With the incredible advancement in technology, young children now prefer to stay indoors and play with their mobile phones, tablets and gaming consoles.

Image result for kids playing tablet


Image result for kids playing tablet

Older generations (ehem! ehem!) can’t help but feel at least a little saddened that kids no longer seem to want to run in the streets and play tagu-taguan. One can’t deny that, given the chance to become a child again even for just one day, he or she would certainly be willing to pay any price.

Thankfully, however, there is salvation in this video! We see two very young kids sitting on what appears to be a log of some sort, holding two hotdog pillows. The background tells us that they are in some kind of festival and are about to be pitted against each other in a battle to the death. Or so to speak.


What’s incredibly impressive about the two kids in the video is how determined they both are to win. The objective of their game is to knock the other one off the wooden log they are sitting on. As long as they can stay on top, they are safe.

Throughout the duration of the video, the boy seemed to have the upper hand. Landing blows left and right as if he was born to do it. In fact, their battle is pretty much one sided and extremely hilarious too. But if you watch the end of the video, you will see how determination can overcome defeat! Watch it now!