By now, everyone knows that the Earth is round, or spherical, or is an oblate spheroid, if you want to be more precise. Even kids learn this before they go to school. It is common knowledge, as much as saying the sky is blue.

But would you believe that there’s a group of Filipino adults who fully believe that the earth is not round or spherical? Yes, a group, not of kids, but of adults. This may seem weird to you, but the Philippine Flat Earth Society (PFES) is a group of like-minded people who all believe that the world is flat.


They also believe that NASA and other scientists are just tricking people into believing that earth looks like a globe.

You might think that this is only a handful of people, but the official FB Group of PFES has over a thousand members! Wow!

Yup, this seems hard to take. Other people on Social media couldn’t believe it either.

Here are some funny reactions online:



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