“Whatever will happen in the future, I know that our friendship will always be there,” says 35-year-old singer Erik Santos on his relationship with 28-year-old singer Angeline Quinto, as there have been rumors of them ending a supposed romantic relationship; the likes of which have sparked once more by a recent picture of the two celebrating the holidays in New York.

Of the events surrounding the picture, Santos states, “Masaya kami dahil na-sold out yung concert namin sa New York with Morisette [Amon]… We got to spend Christmas with friends… Para ma-experience naman namin yung white Christmas.” (We were happy that our concert with Morisette in New York was sold out. [After that], we got to spend Christmas with [our] friends, so we can at least experience a white Christmas.)

Although they’ve denied the rumors, last December 10th, on ASAP, Santos asked why he said “I love you” to Quinto; the former explaining that he’s said the expression to those who’ve he’d worked with as a sign of extreme gratitude and happiness.

Although, on Quinto, he says, “She has been my singing partner for five years now. For me, isa siya siyang malaking bahagi ng aking karera. (She’s been a big part of my career.)”

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