Recently, on Instagram, 19-year-old actress Sofia Andres posted a picture of herself in swimwear. Anonymous bashers, however, were quick to leave malicious messages to her on the social media site.

To that, Andres reacted on Twitter, posting, “i didn’t create an account on instagram to show my tits and butt or show too much skin. there’s this anonymous who actually thinks i’m insecure and can’t be proud of my body. i love myself.”

In a press conference last January 6th, reporters say that she felt bad over what transpired in social media. She explains that she tried containing herself, but she felt very exasperated over the situation.

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“Kasi naman, e. Tina-try ko po talaga na, sa mga artista, bawal ang pumatol… But kami, may feelings din kami, napipikon.” (I do try, since celebrities are expected not to react; but, we have feelings too.)

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Onscreen, and rumored offscreen, partner Diego Loyzaga is ready to defend her from the bashers, saying that people should give her space and respect when it comes to situations like these.

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Loyzaga says, “Give us some space naman, you don’t bash people… Like, sinasabi na insecure daw siya. It’s not nice, she’s a woman… respect naman.” (Just give us some space. You don’t bash people like that; like when people say she’s insecure, it’s not nice. She’s a woman—have some respect for her.)

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