A pedicab driver was beaten and attacked by angry crowd after it was discovered that he raped an 11 year-old girl in General Santos City.

The suspect identified as Jethro Rosete, 23 years-old, was arrested after taking a beating from the mob and was brought to the San Isidro Police Station.

According to reports, the victim hailed the pedicab and asked to be brought to her house. However the suspect took the pedicab in a different route and when they got to a secluded area in Barangay Conel, he attacked the young girl and proceeded to rape her.

After committing the revolting crime, the pedicab driver even brought the young girl home.

But the girl was already crying and started shouting that the pedicab driver raped her. The girl’s father and other pedicab drivers immediately went after the suspect and when the caught up with him, they beat him and brought him to the police.

The suspect confessed to the crime. According to him, his vision went dark because of hunger,

The victim underwent medical examination and it was confirmed that she was raped. Charges are now being prepared against the suspect.

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