Liza Soberano and Enriquel Gil’s loveteam, known as LizQuen, has been praised for their model-like physical appearances, their charm, and their insane chemistry. But one underrated aspect about LizQuen is their acting ability. Both Liza and Enrique are great actors who have been praised by critics for not only being able to draw crowds of fans, but also for moving their hearts.

Ever since Forevermore, no even way before that in She’s The One, to Just The Way You Are, Everyday I Love You, Dolce Amore, and My Ex and Whys, LizQuen has proven that they are indeed serious actors to be taken seriously for the their acting chops.

That’s why we’ve decided to compile seven drama scenes showing how talented they really are. If you didn’t think they were great actors before, we hope after this article you’ll end up enlightened about them not just as pretty faces but as actors serious about their craft.

Here are seven drama scenes showing their great acting talents:



Dolce Amore: Decisions



Dolce Amore: Willing to wait



Forevermore: “I Never Stopped Loving You”




Everyday I Love You: ‘Phonecall’



My Ex and Whys: “Panget Ba ‘Ko?”



Dolce Amore: Tenten to Serena: “Serena, ikaw ang buhay ko”




 Forevermore: “Hindi ko na kaya!” 



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