A video is going viral because of CCTV footage showing a man who locked himself out of his hotel room wearing absolutely no clothes at all!

The man caught on video appeared to be removing a tray of dishes out of his room. For whatever reason, he thought it would be a good idea to do this while completely naked. Perhaps he was thinking that it would only take a few seconds and he would be back in his room safe and sound in no time!



Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for our hero in nude. Instead of getting back inside of his room before anyone could see him, he instead locked himself out!

Most hotel rooms use key cards to unlock rooms and our friend here most probably forgot about this minor detail so now he can’t get back inside.

At first he tries to stay calm but things get serious when people start passing by the hallway he was standing in. Once he realized that there was no way to get back into his room he decides to take action.



He takes two plates from the tray he took out and used those to cover his privates before embarking on his journey toward the front desk. He passes by a terrified mother and daughter inside the elevator, poor souls!

After shocking several other hotel guests he finally reaches the front desk. He asks for a new key for his room from the gentleman in charge but instead of just handing it to him, the front desk man asked for an ID first to prove that he was indeed a guest.

Watch the full video here: