A 5 year-old girl was found dead and with a wooden stick inserted in her genitals. According to authorities an unknown assailant abducted her in the middle of the night.

Autopsy report confirms that the young girl was raped and tortured. The tool used for torture was a 24-cm wooden stick. The post mortem investigation discovered that the wooden stick damaged her uterus and intestines, which caused her death.


The coroner reports, “The victim died due to the torture perpetrated by inserting wooden stick into her private parts. The stick was inserted with force which not only caused serious injuries inside uterus but also in the intestine.”

The report also reads that bruises were found on the victim’s shoulders, waist and nose. The girl was also found bleeding from her neck.

The girl was abducted from her home in Hisar’s Ulkana Village in India just this a few weeks ago.

An investigation is still ongoing to determine the identity of the suspect. Meanwhile, the family of the young girl is grieving and is looking for justice for their late daughter. The residents of the town are also holding a protests to show their solidarity agains the horrifying crime.

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