HBO just announced on their official website that the six-episode, eighth and final and season of Game of Thrones wont return until 2019.

It was announced through their website saying that show runners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, including David Nutter and Miguel Sapochnik would be the directors of the six episodes of what is considered by many to be the world’s biggest TV show.

Season 7 was shown from July 16 – August 27, 2017. Now the two-year wait begins.

A lot of people have been eagerly anticipating the culmination of the show through its final season but now we have almost more than a year to wait instead of a few months.

For fans of the franchise, waiting is nothing new as the next book of the series ‘The Winds of Winter’ has been awaited by fans of the book for seven years now. A lot of people are saying waiting another year is nothing new, but some are quite upset.

Here are some reactions online:


For now, it looks like Winter has not yet come.

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