Old people are supposed to be respected members of society, admired for their wisdom, and regarded for their contributions to what we have today. However, sometimes old people can be troublemakers from time to time. This case in particular is really alarming.


In a video going viral on social media lately, an old man is captured groping and covertly sticking his crotch area to the sensitive area of a young woman inside a crowded mall. Apparently, there is a concert inside the mall and people are crowding the rails from the upper floors to watch the concert. The old man took this opportunity to commit his act on indecency and try to stick his crotch in the bottom area of a young woman watching the concert.


A concerned citizen was able to observe the situation and took a video of the old man attempting to pleasure himself in secret. The video goes on for a few minutes, and it ends without a resolution. It is not known whether the woman noticed it and confronted the old man, or whether the video taker confronted the old man.


People are also debating whether the young woman simply did not notice what was happening or was just too scared to confront the situation. What do you think?

Watch the video:


Here are the reactions from netizens:

Kiskis pa boss haha”

“mang kanor the return of the comeback”

Sana nireport agad sa malapit na pulis station yung video.. sempre dpat kasama yung nabastos na c ate ..”

“haha kpag ako yan matatadyakan sakin yan… letche amputa”

“D man lang naramdamn nung babae.. lol”

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