Melissa Ricks and Roxane Guinoo, both known for being alumnae of the hit talent search show Star Circle Quest, were seen together in an Instagram post by Ricks.

“So nice to see you again! lets catch up soon! #SCQ withthe forever pretty @roxanneguinoo,” she writes.

The two were recently reunited at a Christmas party of a certain endorsement company.

Guinoo commented, “Miss you ni. Labas tau ng scq with the kids celebrate natin ang xmas[.] (Miss you, Ni [Ricks’ nickname]. Let’s go out sometime and celebrate Christmas with SCQ and the kids.)”

Their last reunion was in 2014, attended by the two aforementioned stars, along with their co-participants Joross Gamboa, Raphael Martinez, and Sandara Park.

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Star Circle Quest aired in 2004, as Star Magic’s first televised attempt to look for fresh faces for their new roster of talents.

In the first season, 10 finalists known as the “Magic Circle of Ten” were chosen. The following were as listed: Melissa, Roxanne, Joross, Sandara, Raphael, Joseph Bitangcol, Neri Naig, Michelle Madrigal, Errol Abalayan, and Hero Angeles; the last having won the title of Grand Questor.

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