A young man high on the illegal drug Methamphetamine confessed to killing his neighbor, because according to him, he wanted to eat liver with his salad.

Paere Jongthong, a 24 year-old resident of Bueng Karn, Thailand was arrested after people saw him killing his 79 year-old neighbor Tan Loon-ubon at his house.

The suspect confessed to taking yaba (methamphetamine tablets) and smoking marijuana before he want to Tan’s house. There he murdered Paere because he claimed that the victim admitted to killing the suspect’s father.


“He told me he killed my dad. I said that couldn’t be true, but he wouldn’t stop talking about it. I didn’t know what to do. I stabbed him, and he cried and apologized. I was so angry. I asked him four times if he was telling the truth,” he told police.

However, police were surprised to discover that the suspect had Tan’s entire liver in his pocket.

Paere revealed that he wanted to make spicy liver salad because he says he believes eating a human liver would improve his health and give him long life.

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Thai man kills neighbor to eat his liver with spicy salad, believes it could extend his life