Are mermaids real? As children, many of us were made to believe by the elderly that humanlike creatures with fish tails swimming somewhere in the deep oceans were real. Even now that we are older and a bit more mature (hopefully) we know that the chances of mermaids being real are almost zero.

There is one video that has gone viral and it’s all about mermaids! You will not believe at first when you watch the video and before you realize it you will have been so mesmerized that you won’t be able to stop watching.

The video on youtube shows several mermaids swimming under the ocean and they are incredibly graceful! At first glance you will instantly think that you are looking at real life mermaids! Unfortunately, that may not be an accurate description.

The mermaids in the video are actual people. Yes, normal two legged human beings. They are in fact swimmers who are rehearsing for a performance wherein they will be playing mermaids. Their costume design is impeccable so don’t blame yourself for thinking they are real the first time you see them.

Even though they are only human, seeing them doing what they do is absolutely amazing. Maybe mermaids don’t have to be real anymore? Maybe we’ve found the real ones right here.