Former child actor Nash Aguas has certainly shown his potential in the Tuesday episode of “The Good Son”, which aired on December 26th. His role of Calvin Buenavidez has just been revealed to be schizophrenic.

Image result for nash aguas in the good son


Image result for nash aguas in the good son

In the scene before the revelation, he tried to convince his older brother Enzo, played by Jerome Ponce, that his friend Justine, played by Alexa Ilacad, is a real person. It was revealed in the following episodes that Calvin has been showing signs of schizophrenia, and that Justine was merely a hallucination.

Aguas’ dramatic performance in the Tuesday episode was lauded by netizens. He even trended on social media platform Twitter due to his epic performance.




Some users said that “he deserves more recognition” and was a “brilliant actor.” Some also praised his portrayal of the character, saying that it was “on point” and “truly remarkable.”

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