Philippine work culture is not very kind to the elderly, especially people who are over the age of 60 years old. You will often find job postings containing the words “18-25 years old only” and “must have pleasing personality” although in reality these qualities have nothing to do with the actual work that will be done.

In other countries however, age is not a determining factor of whether a person can perform well on a job. They also don’t discriminate based on looks and personalities.

Take this Jollibee store in Hong Kong who hired a 64 year old man as a crew member. Fast food chains are known for their fast-paced work culture but that didn’t stop them from accepting Tatay Tony.

Posted by Amelou Saqueza on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tatay Tony was first spotted by Amelou Saqueza, a Filipina who was visiting the same Jollibee branch in Hong Kong. She immediately noticed the elderly man working hard and making customers happy. She didn’t hesitate to approach and strike a conversation with Tatay Tony.

During their conversation, Tatay Tony revealed that he has been in Hong Kong for more than 28 years. He also told Amelou that he was not the only elder person working at that Jollibee branch but one of his close friends as well who was already 74 years old! Incredible, wouldn’t you say so?

As it turns out, old people working is a common practice in Hong Kong. And for many people this, especially for the actual elderly being employed, this is a positive thing.

When Amelou shared the story and pictures on social media it quickly went viral and Tatay Tony received a lot of good wishes and compliments. Of course, there were also bashers who didn’t agree that old people should be allowed to work and blamed their families for not allowing them to enjoy their retirement age.

If Tatay Tony is happy working then we are also happy for him. Good job Tatay Tony!